The Toy Trumpet

The Toy Trumpet

Have you heard,
have you heard,
There's a new tooter in
with the Tin pan parade,

Pass the word,
pass the word,
'cause it's some toy trumpet brigade.

Come along,
come along,
If you're soon enough,
you'll hear him do his stuff,

Hurry up,
hurry up,
They will soon be here,
They're getting nearer.

Here they come,
here they come,
Hear the hum of the drum
of the Tin pan parade,

Better run,
better run,
'Cause it's some toy trumpet brigade.

Here they are,
there's the leader passing by,
Aint he grand,
he's the star,
He's the leader of the band.

There he goes with his trumpet tootin' high,
tootin' low,
When he blows he's a rootin', tootin' dandy.
Tootin' low,
tootin' high
He's the new tooter in with the tin pan parade,
There they go,
passing by,
That was some toy trumpet brigade.

Toy Trumpet from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Copyright 1938, Circle Music Publicatioins Inc., N.Y.
Words by Sidney D Mitchell and Lew Pollack
Music by Raymond Scott