Little Colonel

Little Colonel

You sure started sump'in when you dumped your kiddie cart,
Toys and dolls are scattered ev'rywhere.
Peck o' mischief,
don't know why I always take your part,
Sweet infernal,
little colonel curly head
curly head.

We salute you!
Little Colonel,
In your uniform so shiny and bright.
You're so cute,
you Little Colonel,
You have won the heart of ev'ry soldier in sight.

You start each battle
but we take your part,
Though you're born a Yankee
You're a rebel deep down in your heart.
Go to sleep now,
Little Colonel.

Farewell to arms for tonight.

Copyright 1935 by Movietone Music Corporation, N.Y.
Lyric by Paul Francis Webster
Music by Lew Pollack