Alice Faye (Actress):

 "She was like apple pie and just a normal little girl", "None of us could get over this little thing that could remember 10 pages of dialogue", "She was lovely but as she grew up she lost something"










 Cesar Romero (Actor):

 "She had natural charm and great charisma", "She was a delightful extraordinary little girl"









 Daryl Hickman (Child Actor):

: "She had this wonderful vibrant spontaneity", "Everything in Shirley's life was special", "She could give love and affection to who-ever", "People tried to keep her in the mould of the goody two shoes", "By the time she was a grown woman she had fulfilled herself, had had it and went on to have another life", "Shirley's gift to show business, to the U.S. and the theatre going public was a revelation of the creativity and the sense of joy and fun of childhood that is in each of us"






Dickie Moore (Child Actor):

  "Shirley could make people believe if only for 90 minutes that there were no problems in the world", "Her birthday presents were sent to an orphanage unopened"








Delmar Watson (Child Actor): 


"Shirley gave this country a lift when we needed it"









Frank Jr Coughlin (Actor):

 "Shirley enjoyed being a little actress"









Gloria Stuart (Actress):

 "Bill Robinson came closest to being her equal"









Jane Withers (Child Actress): 

"The most adorable, beautiful, precious little girl in the whole world", "Kids were not really like Shirley Temple - it was too perfect"









 Marcia Mae Jones (Child Actress):

 "Shirley was always a star at 20th Century Fox"









 Marylin Granas (First Stand-in):

 Gertrude was the ultimate stage mother - She created Shirley Temple the actress", "Shirley's acting ability was Shirley being Shirley"









Shirley Temple: (child star)

"Shirley Temple doesn't hurt Shirley Temple Black, Shirley Temple helps Shirley Temple Black because Shirley Temple is remembered with love and with affection. I am thought of as a friend which I am", "Some people are stuck on this image of the little girl", "She is not me", "We shouldn't live in the past", "My life is now!"

"Everyone at the U.N. is a celebrity for about
three days, but then you have to see who
gets down to work. The delegates are about
the best their countries can send, especially
from Africa. They are so well educated and young--but they have to be...their countries are." Shirley Temple Black








 Tommy Tune (Actor):

 "It happened not long ago", "She ushered in the era of the Child Star", "Before and since there has been no-one quite like her", "She made people feel eventually everything would be alright", "When she entered the political arena her fame became an asset and gave her the chance to do what she always had done well - relate to people", "No person was immune to Shirley's special charms - that charm helped promote a new career", "Throughout her life Shirley Temple has sparkled"


Jack Lemon

"I share something in common with an entire generation of Americans. The first drink I ever had was a Shirley  Temple."