Shirley Temple Black passed away on Monday February 10th in her home in Woodside California of natural causes. She lived to be 85 years old and will be remembered as one the best child stars ever.


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  I get many thank you emails from students who are doing research on Shirley Temple.  I thought It would be nice to have a place where you can view some of these reports that have been done. If you are doing a report on Shirley Temple please send 
me a copy and I will place it in the new section for others see. 
School Reports

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S P E C I A L  G U E S T S

Email from Ashley Rose Orr

My name is Ashley Rose Orr. I recently played Shirley Temple in the movie,
"Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story". I think this is a great site you
have. I just wanted to email you and let you know I saw it and think its
wonderful that you created it. I had a ball filming the movie in Australia!
I just love Shirley Temple!'

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello!


Ashley Rose Orr


Q U O T E S 

"Everyone at the U.N. is a celebrity for about
three days, but then you have to see who
gets down to work. The delegates are about
the best their countries can send, especially
from Africa. They are so well educated and 
young--but they have to be...their countries are." 

Shirley Temple Black

For more quotes go here!

K E N N E D Y   C E N T E R  H O N O R S

Shirley Temple Black

For most of the 20th century, Shirley Temple has been this country's little princess, as she continues to captivate and conquer generation after generation whenever her films are shown on television or videotape. As a child, Shirley Temple has given us immeasurable joy and hope, embodying the American spirit through song and dance. As an adult, Shirley Temple Black continues to open her heart and make a difference in the lives of all who know her. The country, indeed the world, owes a great deal to Shirley Temple. --Kennedy Center Honors

W  E  B     L  I  N  K  S


 Where to Shirley Temple has been
This is a web site that links some of the places
where Shirley Temple has been.

Archive of Shirley Temple Black Chat
This is an archive of the online live chat that 
Shirley Temple had with students.

The Little Princess By LikeTelevision
The LikeTelevision Movie channel proudly presents: The Little Princess - Starring Shirley Temple

Festival Films is your source for high-quality  Shirley Temple Reproductions Movie Posters
Posters are either one-sheets, reduced to 11"x17" size, or lobby cards, which are reproduced in their exact original size of 11"x14". Posters come enclosed in heavy acetate sleeves with hangers on the back.

Shirley Temple Movies on TV 
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Kennedy Center Honors
Shirley Temple gets Kennedy Center honors for
life time achievements

Web Site from down under (Australia)
This is a Fan web site from Australia. That has music clips from Shirley Temple movie and records. 

Loretta's 1930's Shirley Temple dolls 
See her collection of dolls.

Wonderful world of Shirley Temple and Shirley Temple Dolls by  Tonya.
This web site is wonderful ! It has games, greeting cards, Information on Shirley Temple dolls. Tonya also  has a very nice collection of dolls.

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